खुश खबरी !!! खुश खबरी !!! खुश खबरी !!! Online Support Expert लेकर आये हैं आपके सभी technical परेशानियों का समाधान, आज ही अपना Support Plan खरीदें और लाभ उठाये हमारी त्वरित तकनिकी सहायता सेवाओं का. प्लान खरीदने के लिए Click Here
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Why Online Support Expert is different???

As we aware that in the digital India, there are many organizations are available for providing technical support for corporate, but there has no one available for common man.

Online Support Expert provides tech support to everyone especially for commoner.

Key Services Offered :

  • General Troubleshooting Online
  • Dedicated Tech Support for Aadhaar Enrollment Station
  • Exceptional Solutions for IRIS Scanners, Fingerprint Scanner Devices using in Aadhaar ECMP Client
  • Software Repairing
  • Printer Driver Installation
  • Bio-metric Devices Installation
  • Browser Enforcing
  • Telephone Support
  • Hardware Solution
  • System Speed-up
  • Data Recovery
  • Guidance for buying right Laptop
  • Offline Support
  • Advanced System Troubleshooting
  • Biometric devices, Laptop available
  • RD Service for finger devices
  • CCTV and security solutions


Above Solutions Available



Success Troubleshooting Rate



Happy Customers


India’s 1st

Providing Online Support to Commoner



Safe and Secure


Cheap Plans

Choice of Effective Plans in low cost and Secure



Problem root analysis

Planning after Thoroughly inspection


Useful Tips

Tips to  secure personal and banking details


Easy Approach

No need to worry anymore because we will always there, no one where

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Printer Installation & Support

Printer not working?? Just use our complaint portal and get solution instantly


Advanced Strategy

Every time new and effective Strategy


Service Desk

Easy accessible help-desk portal. Qualified experts available for helping by Email, Call or by our complaint portal

Reasons to choose osxpert.in

From troubleshooting problems to installing new software and security, you can count on us to be your one-stop-website for all queries PC and laptop related.

Our service is flexible enough to offer repairs and upgrades remotely or in the comfort of your own home or alternatively, we can arrange to collect and re-deliver at a time convenient for you.

Perhaps you’re thinking about buying a new laptop but are unsure what you need to be looking for when it comes to memory and features. We offer advice on all these issues and much more.

:: Exclusive remote services ::

We can upgrade the security on your home PC or or laptop.

  • Outlook configuration for various popular mail services offered by gmail, yahoo, etc.
  • We can update anti virus, security patches, system drivers, BIOS etc.
  • We can help you back up your precious photos and data.
  • Concerned about spyware and malware? We can help
  • Computer running slowly? Ask us about upgrades
  • Having trouble installing new software/printers or scanners? Don’t worry we are here
  • Call out includes the first hour of work.
  • We offer training on how to use your computer

Bought a new Computer and need a hand setting it up?

We can help, we will also transfer over your data (documents, photos, music etc.) from your old PC if required. We can supply quality Anti Virus software. If you have a printer and broadband – these can also be set up for you. If requested to, we can also spend some time with you to show you how to use your new PC (sending emails, using a outlook or the internet).

The services we provide are for Windows based PCs and laptops only. We regret at this point we are unable to service or repair Macs.